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Advance Care Program: Mobility


AMG PURPOSE: Grab bars are designed to assist the user in shifting or transferring position and to provide added stability while performing activities of daily living. Grab bars are not designed to support the total weight of the user; they are assistive devices only and are only as good as the security of their installation. With proper use, grab bars can aid the user in their activities of daily living, thus becoming more independent. Consult your physician or therapist on methods for transferring using your grab bar(s).

TYPES: Grab bars come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and levels of quality. A good quality grab bar will be made of good quality steel, preferably stainless steel, with welded gussets and will also be water resistant, helping to prevent rust and or water damage.

INSTALLATION: Grab bars have limitations on the weight capacity they can support. Most of this weight capacity stems from the quality of the installation. Grab bars can be installed on most surfaces. They are best secured into wall studs. The best choices for length are 16 and 32-inch bars. This is because most studs are 16 inches apart. Do not attempt to install the grab bar(s) if you do not have any construction experience.

There are special adapter kits that can facilitate installation on fiberglass or plastic-based shower and/or bath fixtures. These adapter kits are not cheap and can be ordered if needed. If you are going to install the grab bar yourself, follow all manufacturer installation instructions exactly.

Medical equipment companies do not install grab bars but usually can recommend a local general contractor. Quality general contractors will guarantee their work and you can be assured of proper installation. A properly installed quality grab bar will add value to your home and will last a lifetime.

ACCESSORIES: Medical equipment suppliers have many bathroom safety products that can enhance the beauty and provide additional safety for children and physically challenged individuals. Call us or visit our showroom to see our selection of transfer benches, bath benches, shower chairs, tub rails and handheld showers. Many other specialty items can be ordered. We encourage you to bring to our attention any special needs that you may have.

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