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Advanced Care Program: Ostomy

Skin Care

The skin around the stoma, (peristomal skin) is not anymore sensitive than other skin on your body. You can clean the peristomal skin with the same amount of pressure to clean the area as you would for the rest of your body. It is very important for the skin around the stoma to remain healthy and free of irritation. The peristomal skin should look just like the skin elsewhere on your abdomen.

You should clean the peristomal skin every time you change the pouch. Be sure to remove any stool or urine on the skin. Other tips for cleaning around the stoma include:
  • Use soaps that are gentle and pH balanced
  • Do not use soaps that leave a residue which can interfere with adhesion of the skin barrier
  • Do not use soaps that contain creams or lotions as ingredients
  • Do not use alcohol or harsh chemicals
  • Do not use wipes or towelettes that contain lanolin or other ingredients that may interfere with adhesion
Begin a daily routine to avoid skin problems:
  • Always inspect the peristomal skin when you remove your skin barrier and pouch.
  • Look for signs of irritated skin including swelling, redness, or rash.
To prevent skin irritation and other skin problems:
  • Use a skin barrier
  • Use a pouch that fits properly
See your healthcare professional if you experience any of the following:
  • Skin irritation that continues beyond two pouch changes
  • Excessive bleeding of the stoma
  • A bulge in the skin around the stoma
  • A stoma that appears to be getting larger
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