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Advanced Care Program: Ostomy

Changing and Disposing of an Ostomy Pouch

To make changing your pouch quick and easy, you need to plan ahead. You will want to change your pouch on a regular basis, well before the adhesive loosens from the skin. How often you need to change your pouch is dependent on your ostomy, discharge characteristics, your activities, and your preference.

  • If your discharge is liquid or corrosive, which decreases wear time, you will need to change the pouch more often to help prevent skin problems.
  • If you are more active, you may have to replace the pouch more often due to increased stress on the pouch seal.
  • If the stoma is in a more “challenging” position, it might make it more difficult for the skin barrier to maintain good adhesion with the skin.

Note: Changes in reimbursement may affect you by allowing more frequent pouch changes and improve your quality of life. Contact Advanced Medical Group to determine or discuss your coverage levels.

When disposing of the pouch:
  • Empty the pouch completely before disposing
  • Do not flush the pouch down the toilet
  • Save the clamp if you use a drainable pouch
  • Wrap used pouch in a plastic bag before disposing in the trash
  • Carry a disposal bag with you when away from home
  • Use an odor eliminator to avoid odors associated with pouch disposal
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