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Advanced Care Program: Paralysis

Female Sexuality

Sex is a natural part of life and deserves attention in helping you maintain a quality life style. The fact that you might be paralyzed does not mean you no longer have the desire for sex. The fact that you may be less mobile does not mean that you can not be pleased or please someone. The loss of sensation or genital function does not mean you have lost your sexuality. As a female with paralysis you may experience a decrease in the amount of lubrication. However, women with spinal cord injuries by and large do not have trouble getting pregnant. Therefore, if you do not want children or any more children, you will need to practice birth control.

Before having sex, empty your bladder and decrease your fluid intake prior to engaging in sex. Avoid bowel accidents during sex by planning around your bowel program and schedule. Establish an environment or setting that is both accessible and conducive for sex. Handle all hygiene issues prior to engaging in sex or use these activities as foreplay in heightening excitement. If a lubricant is required use a water soluble lubricant jelly, such KY. Do NOT use Vaseline or an oil-based lubricant for lubrication during sex.

It is very important to remember to practice safe sex. Sexually transmitted diseases STDs) can affect you as easily as anyone. Take proper precautions – use a condom to reduce your risks of STDs.

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