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Advanced Care Program: Paralysis


Spasticity is an exaggeration of the normal reflexes that occurs when the body is stimulated in certain situations. Muscle spasms or spasticity, can occur at anytime the body is stimulated below the level of the spinal injury. Spasticity may demonstrate itself as a rigid straightening of the knees and pointing of the toes as in extensor spasms or by causing a bending of the hip and of the knees as in flexor spasms. Almost anything can trigger spasticity. An increase in spasticity is one of the ways your body warns you of pain or problems, such as a pressure sore or urinary tract infection (UTI). Spasticity can help your body maintain muscle mass, bone strength and promote circulation. You might learn to use your spasticity in assisting you in transferring or performing other tasks.

The best ways to manage or benefit from your spasticity and prevent complications is to:
  • Avoid injuries to the feet and legs
  • Avoid those things that stimulate or aggravate your spasticity
  • Perform a daily range of motion exercise program
  • Relax and try to reduce your level of stress
  • Take precautions to prevent urinary tract infections and skin breakdown
  • Take warm baths or showers (avoid hot or cold)
If your spasticity begins to interfere with your daily functions, such as driving, sleeping, you should talk with your doctor about treatment options. Remember that if you experience significant increases or decreases in spasticity, it may be your body telling you that something is wrong - "listen".

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