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Advanced Care Program: Paralysis

Smoking and Paralysis

The dangers of smoking are well known. For an individual with paralysis, the dangers increase significantly if you smoke.

Smoking can have the following affect on you if you smoke:
  • Increases your chance of developing cancer of the lung and mouth.
  • Smoking can lead to an increased chance of developing pressure sores due to poor circulation.
  • Smoking further increases your chances of developing bladder cancer.
  • Smoking further reduces total lung capacity already diminished by paralysis. This reduces the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream which nourishes tissue and muscle. This also makes it more difficult for you to have a successful exercise program.
  • Smoking increases production of mucus and contributes to congestion. The impaired ability to cough restricts the ability to clear this congestion which can lead to pneumonia.
  • Smoking slows down the healing process if a pressure sore develops.

If you smoke – Talk with your doctor to develop a smoking cessation plan. It might be hard to stop smoking, but not nearly as hard as dealing with the complications or diseases caused by smoking. The best thing you can do is QUIT!

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