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Advanced Care Program: Paralysis

Wheelchair Cushion Maintenance

The wheelchair cushion is a very important piece of equipment that you own. The cushion helps to properly position you in your chair, provide the proper level of support and helps to reduce pressure to bony areas of your body which in turn prevents or reduces pressure sores.

Regular, routine maintenance of your cushion is required to prolong the life of the cushion and to ensure it will work for you.
  • Air cushions should be inspected weekly for any leaks.
  • Clean the cushion itself according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Foam cushions should be checked monthly for areas where the foam is compressed and can not provide the proper level of support.
  • Gel cushions should be checked on a monthly basis for leaks.
  • Most cushions have a cover that can be removed for cleaning. The cover should be cleaned in a washing machine. After washing the cover, it can be dried using the air tumble setting. Do not place the cover in a commercial dryer which can cause heat damage.

Examine your skin twice daily for any discoloration which could be the beginning of a pressure sore. This is a possible indication that your cushion is not providing the proper level of support and needs to be replaced. As a general rule most cushions should last for approximately five (5) years if you take care of them. If your cushion is not providing you with the protection it should, contact your Advanced Medical Group representative.

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